Coupler upgrade and modernization






Non-OEM Coupler


667 automatic couplers and 250 semi-permanent couplers

Since 1997, Dellner Poland has been working with the Polish National Railway (PKP) to modernize its electric multiple unit (EMU) couplers – including the EN57 and ED72 – which were more than 30 years old and underperforming.

The first modernization program was completed in 1998, and after 10 years in operation, quality and performance tests showed minimal wear had taken place on all coupler components.

Following this, Dellner successfully applied for a Certificate of Approval from the Polish Office of Rail Transportation to modernize its automatic couplers, followed by semi-permanent couplers a few years later.

To date, Dellner Poland has modernized hundreds of couplers for various Polish operators, which has helped them to:

  • Reduce costs – compared to the time and expense of purchasing new rolling stock, and lower maintenance costs
  • Improve on-board facilities – such as Ethernet connectivity, CCTV, passenger information, and advertising
  • Increase flexibility – during peak hours when speed and capacity is essential
  • Boost efficiency – due to fewer service interruptions and better fleet utilization