New Delhi Metro, Gangway Refurbishment


Delhi Metro Rail Corporation


New Delhi, India


Dellner Gangways


420-piece gangway refurbishment

Delhi Metro’s 70 RS 1 trains have been in uninterrupted service since December 2002. And despite 16 years of high performance, extremely hostile conditions such as heat (up to 45), dust, and humidity (more than 90% in the rainy season) were starting to have an impact on gangway integrity, so an overhaul was needed.

The overhaul involved replacing the old gangway rubber – including the inner and outer bellows. To keep costs low, metal components from the old gangway were reconditioned and reused.

Thanks to the overhaul, Delhi Metro has seen:

  • Cost savings – by refurbishing the gangway and reconditioning old components
  • Enhanced performance – without the need for new units
  • Improved aesthetics – thanks to new rubber and reconditioned components