Long-term service agreement






Non-OEM couplers and gangways


A 30-year maintenance agreement for 150 automatic couplers, 750 semi-permanent couplers, and 375 gangways

As the exclusive supplier of services and spare parts for couplers and gangways on the Queensland New Generation Rolling Stock (QNGR) fleet in Brisbane, Australia, Dellner’s programme involves overhauling its couplers every 10 years and its gangways every 15.

Dellner is committed to giving Bombardier:

  • Scheduled overhauls – including maintenance and urgent support services
  • Shorter lead times – for spares and stores management
  • Comprehensive training – with evaluation and instruction included
  • Thorough investigations – for condition monitoring, analysis, and modification
  • Cost-saving initiatives – shared across both partners
  • Local and prompt support services – for its fleet and personnel

The benefits for Bombardier include:

  • More consistent standards and procedures – for the entire life of the product
  • Reduced unit downtime – which helps to reduce costs
  • Increased efficiency – due to improved design and maintenance over the life of the partnership

  • One source of truth – to keep all maintenance data safe, correct, and uninterrupted
  • Fixed costs – for accurate maintenance planning expenditure
  • Proactive schedules – to reduce unplanned maintenance and additional costs
  • Optimized fleet – for a better customer experience