Automatic Couplers

​AAR couplers are the standard for railcars in the American market. The Dellner AAR couplers are designed as per AAR standards regarding ma terials, compatibility and strength requirements. They transmit large buff and draft loads and couple automatically. AAR couplers can be combined with state-of-the-art, high-energy absorption draft gears.​​

  • Mechanical coupler: SA3 (Certificated acc. to TP TC 001/2001)
  • Center section: Ring-spring buffer (Certificated acc. to TP TC 001/2011)
  • Pivot anchor: Deformation tube anchor
  • Anti-climbers as the part of the Crash System

  • Mechanical coupler: TSI compliant Type 10
  • Center section: Gas-hydraulic damper
  • Pivot anchor: Deformation un​it for crash absorption
  • Deep contribution to the total train crash management system, by dampers, deformation units and shear off function
  • Total energy absorption for the coupler: 1,6 MJ
  • Top mounted electrical coupler including D-REX (Ethernet connection 100 Mbit)
  • Pneumatic connections for main air and break air​

  • Mechanical coupler: Type 12
  • Center section: Stiff tube
  • New design rubber draft gear with integrated shear-out function
  • Top mounted electrical coupler
  • High speed data transmission D-REX