Semi-Permanent Couplers

  • Socket joint head
  • Rubber doughnut draft gear
  • Deformation units for crash management with a capacity of 370kJ / connection
  • The coupler system fulfil the crash standard EN 15227 with crash speed of 25km/h

  • Center section: Deformation tube
  • Pivot anchor: EFG2
  • Gangway support
  • Modular design
  • Mechanical coupler​: Manual socket joints
  • Center section: Stiff tube
  • Pivot anchor: Deformation tube
  • Deep contribution to the total train crash management system, by deformation units and shear-off function
  • Total capacity of 2MJ/connection
  • Gangway support
  • STG – Stabilizing Joint
  • Anti-climbing function
  • Anti- jackknifing function
  • ​Long deformation tube 620mm stroke with 2 force levels- high energy absorption capacity through the whole tube