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The World of Dellner

Dellner is one of the world’s leading suppliers of train connection systems, with 80 years of experience in the rail industry. Based in Falun, Sweden, with 22 subsidiaries around the world and more than 1200 employees globally, Dellner continues with its steady, robust growth in couplers, gangways, front hatches, dampers and crash energy management, as well as the service segment of the rail industry.

Founded in 1941, we have years of tested, proven experience in producing safe and reliable train connections, and providing innovative, state-of-the-art and cutting-edge products for our customers.

In 2019 Dellner Couplers, together with Dellner Components and Dellner Dampers, was acquired by EQT, a Swedish private equity company. Quality and prompt delivery will remain our number one focus along with our relationship with the car builders and operators in all regions. Strategic investments in the expansion of our existing product portfolio and new product areas like freight and digitalization will also get our full attention during the coming year, insuring our place as market leader.


Mission, Vision & Values


Dellner provides train Connection Systems with innovative and sustainable concept and excellent global services, which makes travel safer and more reliable.


To be the number one global supplier of safe and high quality Train Connection Systems and Services, supporting the most environmentally friendly way of travelling.



We do business with integrity and in an ethical manner. We respect future generations and work continuously to minimize impacts on the environment.


We are energetic, we get things done efficiently while achieving high quality. We have a constant drive to improve our performance and learn from our experiences.


We celebrate success, we are proud to contribute to our society and support our customers.


We are stronger as a team and we benefit from our differences. We create a working environment free from discrimination and support each other to develop as individuals and as a group.

History of success

Dellner’s story began in 1941 when Jan Dellner established a small production company in Northern Sweden called Ingenieur-Buro Dellner, and began manufacturing couplers for the domestic market. His first customer was SJ (Swedish State Railway), which asked him to produce its first automatic couplers.

Seven years later, Dellner won an order for 360 couplers for the Warsaw Metro – Poland’s only rapid transit system.

Till 1960 Dellner was successfully supplying the automatic couplers in Europe working with eg. Paris Metro, SNCF, Rome Metro, FS (Italian State Railway).

After 1952, Ingenieur-Buro Dellner was renamed several times:

  • Runnvika Mechanische Werkstatt
  • Jan Dellner u. Co.
  • AB Dellner Malmco
  • Dellner Couplers AB

Until 1960, Dellner supplied automatic couplers to numerous customers in Europe, such as Paris Metro, SNCF, Rome Metro, and FS (Italian State Railway).

The company has now grown to become a major global player in train connection sys¬tems, and serves customers all over the world.

Dellner’s focus has always been on innovative research and design. By doing so, we’ve been responsible for several global breakthroughs in the rail industry.

In 1984, Dellner was the first manufacturer to launch the gas hydraulic damper in couplers. This was followed in the 1990s by the production of snow gaiters and front hatch mechanisms.

More recently, the company’s focus has been on new products from front to intermediate train systems.

One of our biggest milestones was the acquisition of the Woodville factory, which enabled us to produce gangways in-house. This acquisition meant Dellner became the world’s leading system integrator for the interface between rail cars and train front ends.

In 2019, Dellner has reached another milestone in its railway journey as together with Dellner Components and Dellner Dampers was acquired by the Private Equity company - EQT. Supported by the famous Wallenberg family, EQT was found¬ed in 1994 in Sweden and now operates from 15 countries across Europe, Asia and North America. It invests in com¬panies with a mission to develop their strengths and support them in sustainable growth. For Dellner, it is a new chapter which will even enhance its technical, operational, commer¬cial and legal structures. As the industry leader in supplying full Train Connection Systems, Dellner will continue delivering cutting edge and high-quality products as well as the best ser¬vice to its customers worldwide.

  1. Back in 1941...

    Ingenieur-Buro Dellner is established in Sweden to design, manufacture, and sell of automatic couplers

  2. Back in 1984...

    The first manufacturer to introduce gas hydraulic dampers in couplers

  3. Back in 1996...

    The first to introduce retractable automatic couplers and semi-trailer joints

  4. Back in 1997...

    The first manufacturer to introduce the snow gaiter and front hatch mechanism

  5. Back in 2003...

    The first manufacturer to introduce the multiplied deformation tube

  6. Back in 2008...

    The first manufacturer to introduce high-speed data transmission in automatic couplers

  7. Back in 2009...

    Dellner acquired British gangway manufacturer Woodville

  8. Back in 2014...

    The SGX Gangway (Segmented Gangway ConneXion) was launched

  9. Back in 2016...

    A joint venture contract was signed with Victall which created the Dellner Victall Gangway System Co. Ltd

  10. Back in 2017...

    Dellner introduced the DEX500 (Dellner Ethernet ConneXion)

  11. Back in 2019...

    Dellner Couplers together with Dellner Components and Dellner Dampers was acquired by the Private Equity company – EQT.

Group Structure

Dellne Dampers

Dellner Dampers is a global supplier of innovative bogie, inter-car, and yaw damper systems to some of the world's leading train manufacturers and operators. Dellner Dampers supplies hydraulic dampers, buffers, CEM, deformation tubes, and honeycomb elements to the group's own coupler division. Product development and testing are done in-house. The industrial section of Dellner Dampers provides buffers and dampers for a variety of crane and bridge applications. For further information please visit: